Brooks Kolb

Brooks Kolb is a Seattle writer, artist, and landscape architect.


Brooks is a landscape architect and writer based in Seattle. He is currently querying agents and editors for his forthcoming memoir, RAINBOW CATCHER: Coming Out / Coming of Age in the 1980s. An abridged chapter of RAINBOW CATCHER was published in INTERCONNECTEDNESS, the 2022 “Whatcom Writes” anthology. Another abridged chapter won first prize in nonfiction in the 2022 “Write-On-The-Sound” literary contest.

Educated at the American College in Paris, the University of Pennsylvania, and University College, London, Brooks trained at Penn under Ian McHarg, famed environmentalist and author of DESIGN WITH NATURE. When he came out of the closet in 1980 at age twenty-six, he moved to San Francisco, where he witnessed and participated in two key periods of gay history: the post-Stonewall era of exuberant sexual freedom and the AIDS epoch.

Brooks lives in Seattle with his husband, Dennis, and their miniature schnauzer, Stella.

This website is for his writings, art, and video projects. For Brooks’ landscape projects and services, please visit